core capabilities

Medicoil offers an ever expanding range of coiling, winding, wireforming, and machining capabilities along with many secondary process enhancements. Our knowledge, experience, specialized equipment, and automation capabilities allow us to work closely with our Customers to define the best production solutions for their component needs.


  • Micro coiling of wire sizes .0008” (.02 mm) and up
  • Single and multifilar coils to 120” (300 cm) and longer
  • Round, flat, ribbon, and custom profile wires -custom machines wind various geometries and filar counts
  • Variable pitch, diameter, and tension on close wound coils -multi-layered coil


  • Drive and torque cables
  • Defibrillator coils
  • Catheter coils
  • Mechanical springs
  • Coils serving as marker bands

pacing helices

  •  Tip faceting — single and multi utilizing cnc grinding and edm
  • Laser welding
  • Enhanced helix production through automation
  • Automated inspection processes to ensure 100% compliance

wire forms

  • CNC equipment combines coiling and complex forming
  • Examples include cardiac valve reinforcements, sensing and rf coils, tunneling rods, surgical staples, and more

ancillary processes

  • CNC centerless and profile grinding
  • Laser and plasma welding
  • Micro abrasive blasting
  • Sub assembly
  • Innovative product cleaning and packaging


  • Precious metals — gold, platinum
  • Ell medical grade stainless steel alloys
  • Exotics including mp35n, niobium and titanium alloys
  • Cored, coated, and plated wires
  • Radiopaques including tungsten & tantalum

Swiss Screw Machining

  • Small precision, difficult components
  • Single and multiple spindle machines
  • Difficult to machine materials (MP35, Titanium, etc.)
  • Intricate part designs
  • Assembly of multiple components

precision and quality

  • Tight tolerances on diameter, pitch, length
  • Critical inspection of raw material quality
  • Automated 100% inspection of crucial dimensions
  • Statistical methods maintain process control
  • Advanced product quality planning on all new parts
  • Process failure mode and effects analysis ensures consistent manufacture and supply

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