design / engineering

early involvement in customer applications


edicoil engineering uses the most up to date CAD and modeling programs to collaborate with customers in early development of components and assemblies for medical devices.

Fully staffed research and  development function aids in the development of processes and capabilities. Early involvement in customer applications helps Medicoil develop the right processes from prototypes to full production and automation. A wide variety of secondary capabilities help make Medicoil an excellent choice for your assembly and subassembly needs. Medicoil engineers develop custom solutions to Customers’ application challenges.

difficult applications

Advanced engineering resources

Technically astute at developing micro-precision coiling and wire forming solutions

Leading medical device companies rely on Medicoil’s experienced team of research and development engineers to collaborate in the early stages of product development.

Drawing upon our knowledge of specialized materials and advanced production techniques, our capable technical staff can assist you in development and design of your most challenging projects from concept through production. We go beyond our core competencies, offering design and production versatility others may lack the experience or technical capability to provide. Often times, we’ll recommend a common sense, cost-saving process that can result in a more effective product you can confidently bring to market.

Rapid Prototyping Quick Turn Capability

Responsive department and
fully equipped in-house tooling

Medicoil is prepared to respond with quick turn, rapid prototype technology allowing you to test components, designs, and features under real conditions giving you the confidence and safety required to launch new products quickly. We employ disciplined quality procedures to supply you with micro-precision prototypes that aren’t just approximate, but identical to the finished product.

We thrive on unique challenges. In-house tooling design and dedicated production equipment is utilized to identify the optimum, most reliable and cost-effective process from prototype to production. By being involved in the early stages, we can enhance manufacturing efficiencies using any type of material desired while reducing lead times and assuring highest quality.


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